Visiting to our department

Ookayama Colloquium is normally held in 213 Seminar Room on the second floor. Secretary Office(332), Common Room(333), Library(321) are on the third floor.

Seminar rooms are on the second and third floors of Main Building.


The following list shows examples of hotels in neighbouring area. The price (for single room) may have changed.

HOTEL ROUTE-INN Shinagawa Oimachi Ooimachi 5min. 03-3777-5711 8500yen
Ours Inn Hankyu Ooimachi 1min. 03-3775-6121 5500yen


Inside Campus

The cherry blossoms on more than thousand cherry trees in the end of March or the beginning of April are maginifiscent. You can see HANAMI parties every night in the season just in front of the Main Building.

You can relax on the mawn in sunny days, with trees that have their eyes.

Ginkoes turn yellow beautifully in autumn.

Near Campus

You can reach Senzoku-ike pond in ten minutes by foot, whose name, "washing the feet," comes from the legend that a famous buddist Nichiren-shonin washed his feet there. You can enjoy rowing a boat or walking around. You will find the tomb of Katsu Kai-shu, a famous politician in the end of Edo era. A lot of people enjoy `hanami' party on Sakura-yama hill at north in spring.

Now, two lines go through Ookayama station: Ooimachi-line and Meguro-line.

Following Ooimachi-line to west, you will arrive at a fashonable town Jiyugaoka which is convenient for shopping and dining. That station serves as a transfer station for Shibuya, Nakameguro and Yokohama. You can reach there by foot from the campus by way of Kuhonbutsu river walk (15 min.).

It may be pleasant to walk along Todoroki valley which is not far from Todoroki station. Goto Musium, famous for its gardens, is just five minutes' walk from Kaminoge. The terminal, Futago-Tamagawaen has shopping centers, musium (Seikado Bunko: 10min. by bus) and even amusement parks. In summer, lots of people get together to see fireworks on Tamagawa river.

The eastern part of Ooimachi line runs through a residential area with gigantic local shopping mall; Hatanodai, Nakanobu and Togoshi. There is a small hotspring at Shimoshinmei. The terminal Ooimachi is convenient for dining and shopping. Samezu office of driver's license, which provides admirable "Shinagawa numbers," is just in walking distance. You can also reach Shinagawa Aquarium by free shuttle bus at Eastern No. 6.

The north end of Meguro line is Meguro, where Shirogane natural educational park, Gajo-en private park are. There is also a musium of parasitic worms. Ebisu Garden Place, situated between Ebisu and Meguro, can be reached by about ten minutes' walk. You can reach Meguro Fudou-son Temple from Fudoumae station, or from JR Meguro station along 3.3km round Meguro-ku walking course.

Musashi-koyama has a shopping arcade `Palm'; Senzoku is now famous since Princess Masako's parents' house situates there. The south of Ookayama also leads to Okusawa and Denen-chofu, famous for deluxe residence area.


Tokyo's must: Asakusa, Akihabara, Emperor's Palace. Cherry blossoms at Kudanshita moat or Shinjuku-gyoen park. Fireworks at Sumidagawa river or Tamagawa river in summer.