On Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Institute of Technology

We are working mainly in the following area of mathematics:
Algebraic number theory (esp. zeta-function, arithmetic geometry, log geometry), modular functions, algebraic geometry (esp. polarized varieties, singularity theory, classification theory, Calabi-Yau manifolds), complex algebraic varieties, complex differential geometries, algebraic topology, low-dimensional manifolds, geometric group theory, differential geometry, theory of manifolds, harmonic maps, real singularity theory, deformation of ordinary differential equations, experimental mathematical sciences, infinite dimensional analysis, global analysis, analytic function of several variables, real function theory, rheology, partial differential equations, classical dynamical systems, mathematical physics, analytic function theory, ergodic theory, measure theoretic dynamical systems, calculus of variations, global calculus of variations, quantum mechanics in random media, probability theory.

Our department saw its birth on April 1st, 1929, when Tokyo Superior School of Technology was promoted to Tokyo Institute of Technology. From April 1998, the department has moved to the graduate school, together with faculty staff of mathematics in Department of Applied Physics. We admit 27 undergraduate students, 22 master course students and 8 doctor course students each year. We are cooperating with Department of Mathematical Computing Sciences, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering.