1. [01-92] H. Shiga and H. Tanigawa : Grunsky's inequality and its applications to Teichm\"uller spaces
  2. [02-92] R. Miyaoka : On exceptinal values of the Gauss map of a complete minimal surface of finite total curvature
  3. [03-92] T. Mikami : Limit theorems on the exit problems for small random perturbations of dynamical systems I
  4. [04-92] A. Inoue : A remark on the method of characteristics for a system of P.D.E.-an application of superanalysis
  5. [05-92] S. Jimbo and S. Sakaguchi : Movement of hot spots over unbounded domains in $\bf R$
  6. [06-92] K. Matsuzaki : Teichm\"uller spaces with variable bases in the universal Teichm\"uller space
  7. [07-92] K. Ohshika : Kleinian groups which are limits of geometrically finite groups
  8. [08-92] T. Mikami : Limit theorems on the exit problems for small random perturbations of dynamical systems II
  9. [09-92] S. Tanno : The identity map as a harmonic map of a $(4r+3)$-sphere with deformed metrics


  10. [01-93] S. Ishii : A Fano 3-fold with non-rational singularities and a two-dimensional basis
  11. [02-93] K. Matsuzaki : The kernel of monodromy representation of projective structures
  12. [03-93] R. Miyaoka : Harmonic 1-forms on a complete stable minimal hypersurface
  13. [04-93] M.A. Guest, A. Kozlowski, M. Murayama and K. Yamaguchi : The homotopy type of the space of rational functions
  14. [05-93] H. Nawa : Asymptotic profiles of blow-up solutions of the nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with critical power nonlinearity
  15. [06-93] H. Nawa : Asymptotic profiles of blow-up solutions of the nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation
  16. [07-93] Le Van Thanh and M. Oka : Estimation of the Number of the Critical Value at Infinity of a Polynomial Function $f:{\bf C}^2\to{\bf C}$
  17. [08-93] M. Murayama and K. Shimakawa : Universal Equivariant Bundles
  18. [09-93] M. Toki : Moduli of Tori obtained by conformal sewing
  19. [10-93] D.T. L\^e and M. Oka : On Resolution Complexity of Plane Curve
  20. [11-93] M. Kobayashi : Stable fibrations with trivial monodromies and inactive log-transformations
  21. [12-93] K. Ishige : The gradient theory of the phase transitions Cahn-Hilliard fluids with the Dirichlet boundary conditions
  22. [13-93] T. Fujisawa : On non-rational numerical Del Pezzo surfaces
  23. [14-93] S. Tanno : $L^2$ Harmonic Forms and Stability of Minimal Hypersurfaces
  24. [15-93] K. Sato : Construction of higher genus complete minimal surfaces with one end and finite total curvature
  25. [16-93] K. Matsuzaki : Structural stability of Kleinian groups
  26. [17-93] H. Tsuji : Analytic Zariski Decomposition
  27. [18-93] R. Miyaoka : Superconformal harmonic maps into spheres


  28. [01-94] M. Murata : Non-uniqueness of the positive Dirichlet problem for parabolic equations in cylinders
  29. [02-94] T. Hattori : Non-combability of Hilbert modular groups
  30. [03-94] K. Ishige : On the existence of solutions of the Cauchy problem for the nonlinear diffusion equation
  31. [04-94] K. Ohshika : Rigidity and topological conjugates of topologically tame Kleinian groups
  32. [05-94] N. A'Campo and M. Oka : Geometry of plane curves via Tschirnhausen resolution tower
  33. [06-94] H. Tsuji : On the universal covering of projective manifolds of general type
  34. [07-94] M. Nagata : A generalization of the sizes of differential equations and its applications to G--function theory
  35. [08-94] K. Ishige : On the existence of solutions of the Cauchy problem for porous medium equations with Radon measure as initial data
  36. [09-94] T. Noda : An application of the projections of $C^\infty$ automorphic forms
  37. [10-94] R. Miyaoka : Superconformal minimal surfaces with the Ricci condition
  38. [11-94] S. Morita : Casson invariant, signature defect of framed manifolds and the secondary characteristic classes of surface bundles
  39. [12-94] A. Inoue : On a super extension of a simple Hamiltonian and its \lq\lq quatization by path-integral method''
  40. [13-94] H. Tsuji : Global generation of adjoint bundles
  41. [14-94] S. Ishii : The canonical modifications by weighted blow-ups


  42. [01-95] H. Aikawa and M. Murata : Generalized Cranston-McConnell inequalities and Martin boundaries of unbounded domains
  43. [02-95] A. Inoue : On a construction of the fundamental solution for the free Weyl equation by Hamiltonian path-integral method -- an exactly solvable case with \lq\lq odd variable coefficients"
  44. [03-95] T. Morita : Markov systems and transfer operators associated with cofinite Fuchsian groups
  45. [04-95] M. Oka : Two transforms of plane curves and their fundamental groups
  46. [05-95] M. Oka : Polynomial normal form of a plane curve with a given weight sequence
  47. [06-95] H. Ito : Integrable symplectic mappings and their Birkhoff normal forms
  48. [07-95] Y. Nakazawa and M. Oka : Smooth plane curves with one place at infinity
  49. [08-95] A. Inoue : On a construction of the fundamental solution for the free Dirac equation by Hamiltonian path-integral method -- The classical counterpart of Zitterbewegung
  50. [09-95] A. Inoue : An explicit solution of the initial value problem for the H. Lewy operator
  51. [10-95] H. Shiga : On monodromies of holomorphic families of Riemann surfaces and modular transformations
  52. [11-95] K. Ishige and M. Murata : An intrinsic metric approach to uniqueness of the positive Cauchy problem for parabolic equations
  53. [12-95] M. Murata : Semismall perturbations in the Martin theory for elliptic equations
  54. [13-95] Z. H. Hou : An optimal pinching constant for the scalar curvature of minimal submanifolds in a sphere


  55. [01-96] S. Tanno : Riemannian metrics on the product of two 3-spheres
  56. [02-96] S. Ishii : Minimal, canonical and log-canonical models of hypersurface singularities
  57. [03-96] H. Tsuji : Finiteness of rational maps onto varieties of general type
  58. [04-96] G.S. Weiss : Higher order monotonicity formulas for variational solutions of semilinear elliptic and parabolic equations and applications in free boundary problems
  59. [05-96] M. Nagata : Regular singularities in G-function theory
  60. [06-96] S. Ishii : Projective minimal models of divisors on toric varieties
  61. [07-96] A. Inoue : On a `` Hamiltonian path-integral" derivation of the Schr\"odinger equation
  62. [08-96] A. Inoue : A new treatise for a system of PDE --- a solution for Feynman's problem to the free Weyl equation as an example ---
  63. [09-96] K. Ohshika and L. Potyagailo : Self-embeddings of Kleinian groups
  64. [10-96] C. Nakayama : Degeneration of $l$-adic weight spectral sequences


  65. [01-97] T. Fujisawa : Limits of Hodge structures in several variables
  66. [02-97] H. Shiga : On holomorphic families of rational maps: finiteness, rigidity and stability
  67. [03-97] M. Kobayashi and T-C. Kuo : On blow-analytic equivalence of embedded curve singularities
  68. [04-97] H. Tsuji : On the structure of pluricanonical systems of projective varieties of general type
  69. [05-97] R. Miyaoka : The splitting and deformations of the generalized Gauss map of compact CMC surfaces
  70. [06-97] H.J. Choe and G.S. Weiss : A semilinear parabolic equation with free boundary
  71. [07-97] T. Noda : On the zeros of symmetric square $L$-functions
  72. [08-97] J. Noguchi : Value distribution theory of holomorphic mappings
  73. [09-97] H. Chen and S. Ishii : On $-K^2$ for normal surface singularities
  74. [10-97] K. Ishige and M. Murata : Parabolic equations whose nonnegative solutions are determined only by their initial values
  75. [11-97] A. Inoue : A new derivation of the Weyl equation with external electro-magnetic potentials by "Hamiltonian path-integral method"
  76. [12-97] C. Nakayama : A projection formula for log smooth varieties in log \'etale cohomology


  77. [01-98] G.S. Weiss : A homogeneity improvement approach to the obstacle problem
  78. [02-98] G.S. Weiss : The free boundary of a thermal wave in a strongly absorbing medium
  79. [03-98] H. Tsuji : Entire holomorphic curves and pluricanonical systems
  80. [04-98] R. Miyaoka : The homogeneity of isoparametric hypersurfaces with six principal curvatures
  81. [05-98] H. Tsuji : Finite generation of canonical rings
  82. [06-98] N. Nagayama : Almost sure invariance principle for dynamical systems with stretched exponential mixing rates
  83. [07-98] K. Ito : Exotic projective structures and boundaries of quasi-Fuchsian spaces
  84. [08-98] A. Inoue and Y. Nomura : Some refinements of Wigner's semi-circle law in R.M.T. using superanalysis
  85. [09-98] H. Tsuji : Boundedness of $\bf Q$-Fano varieties with Picard number one
  86. [10-98] H. Shiga : On complex analytic properties of limit sets and Julia sets


  87. [01-99] H. Sumi : Dynamics of sub-hyperbolic and semi-hyperbolic rational semigroups and skew products
  88. [02-99] H. Sumi : Skew product maps related to finitely generated rational semigroups
  89. [03-99] S. Ishii : The quotients of log-canonical singularities by finite groups
  90. [04-99] T. Morita : Meromorphic extensions of a class of zeta functions for two dimensional billiards without eclipse
  91. [05-99] H. Tsuji : Pluricanonical systems of projective varieties of general type
  92. [06-99] S. Ishii and Y. Prokhorov : Hypersurface exceptional singularities
  93. [07-99] M. Murata : Martin boundaries of elliptic skew products, semismall perturbations, and fundamental solutions of parabolic equations
  94. [08-99] Yu. G. Prokhorov and V. V. Shokurov : The first main theorem on complements:From global to local
  95. [09-99] T. Morita : Piecewise $C^2$ perturbation of Lasota-Yorke maps and their ergodic properties
  96. [10-99] H. Shiga : On rigidity and finiteness theorems for holomorphic mappings of complex hyperbolic manifolds
  97. [11-99] A. Futaki and Y. Nakagawa : Characters of automorphism groups associated with K\"ahler classes and functionals with cocycle conditions
  98. [12-99] K. Sato : Non-divisible cycles on a K3 surface over $p$-adic fields
  99. [13-99] H. Tsuji : Numerically trivial fibrations


  100. [01-00] A. Inoue : Quandle homomorphisms of knot quandles to Alexander quandles
  101. [02-00] T. Morita : Meromorphic extensions of a class of zeta functions for two dimensional billiards without eclipse II
  102. [03-00] T. Morita : Meromorphic extensions of a class of dynamical zeta functions and their special values at $s=0$
  103. [04-00] A. Futaki and K. Tsuboi : Fixed point formula for characters of automorphism groups associated with K\"ahler classes
  104. [05-00] T. Fujisawa and C. Nakayama : Mixed Hodge structures on log deformations
  105. [06-00] T. Murai : 捻ǔ`̈萫ƍuB̂R摥
  106. [07-00] H. Tsuji : Invariance of plurigenera
  107. [08-00] E. Fujikawa, H. Shiga and M. Taniguchi : On the action of the mapping class group for Riemann surfaces of infinite type
  108. [09-00] G. Schumacher and H. Tsuji : Quasi-projectivity of moduli spaces of polarized varieties
  109. [10-00] H. Tsuji : Deformation invariance of plurigenera


  110. [01-01] M. Somekawa : $p$-adic regulators and $p$-adic $L$-functions of modular forms
  111. [02-01] A. Futaki and T. Mabuchi : Moment maps and symmetric multilinear forms associated with integral symplectic classes
  112. [03-01] M. Murata : Heat escape
  113. [04-01] T. Kitano, T. Morifuji and M. Takasawa : $L^2$-torsion invariants of a surface bundle over $S^1$
  114. [05-01] S. Kawai : Isomonodromic deformation of Fuchsian projective connections on elliptic curves
  115. [06-01] H. Shiga : Dirichlet solutions on bordered Riemann surfaces and quasiconformal mappings
  116. [07-01] S. Ishii : Extremal functions and prime blow-ups
  117. [08-01] S. Ishii and P. Milman : The geometric minimal models of analytic spaces


  118. [01-02] H. Tsuji : Pluricanonical systems of projective 3-folds of general type
  119. [02-02] T. Kitano, T. Morifuji and M. Takasawa : $L^2$-torsion invariants and homology growth of a torus bundle over $S^1$
  120. [03-02] T. Kitano, T. Morifuji and M. Takasawa : Numerical calculation of $L^2$-torsion invariants
  121. [04-02] T. Yoshida : An abelianization of $SU(2)$ Conformal Field Theory and Witten invariant
  122. [05-02] M. Murata and T. Tsuchida : Asymptotics of Green functions and Martin boundaries for elliptic operators with periodic coefficients
  123. [06-02] N. Kurokawa, H. Ochiai and M. Wakayama : Absolute derivations and zeta functions PDF (161KB)
  124. [07-02] T. Iguchi and P. G. LeFloch : Existence theory for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws with general flux-functions PDF (541KB)
  125. [08-02] K. Mimachi : Homological representations of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra associated with a Selberg type integral PDF (289KB)
  126. [09-02] E. Hatakenaka : An estimate of the triple point numbers of surface-knots by quandle cocycle invariants PDF (156KB)
  127. [10-02] S. Ishii and J. Koll\'ar : The Nash problem on arc families of singularities
  128. [11-02] S. Koyama and N. Kurokawa : Kummer's formula for multiple gamma functions PDF (161KB)


  129. [01-03] T. Shoda : Stable minimal surfaces in $\bf R^4$ with degenerate Gauss map
  130. [02-03] J.F. van Diejen : On the Plancherel formula for the (discrete) Laplacian in a Weyl chamber with repulsive boundary conditions at the walls PDF (277KB)
  131. [03-03] M. Murata : Uniqueness theorems for parabolic equations and Martin boundaries for elliptic equations in skew product form PDF (281KB)
  132. [04-03] N. Honda : Non-Moishezon twistor spaces of 4$\bf CP^2$ with non-trivial automorphism group PDF (296KB)
  133. [05-03] Y. Hamana : On the range of pinned random walks
  134. [06-03] M. Ishikawa : Stein fillable 3-manifolds admit positive open book decompositions along arbitrary links
  135. [07-03] N. Honda : Geometry of lines on certain Moishezon threefolds. I. explicit description of families of twistor lines PDF (527KB)
  136. [08-03] T. Shoda : A construction of a family of full compact minimal surfaces in 4-dimensional flat tori
  137. [09-03] T. Shoda : New components of the Moduli space of minimal surfaces in 4-dimensional flat tori
  138. [10-03] Y. Sano : The best constant of the Moser-Trudinger inequality on {${\bf S}^2$}
  139. [11-03] Y. Sano : On stability-criterion of complete intersections
  140. [12-03] A. Futaki : Asymptotic Chow semi-stability and integral invariants


  141. [01-04] Y. Noda : Julia sets of permutable entire functionsPDF (162KB)
  142. [02-04] H. Sumi : Dimensions of Julia sets of expanding rational semigroupsPDF (284KB)
  143. [03-04] C. Parenti and A. Parmeggiani : On the hypoellipticity with a big loss of derivativesPDF (465KB)
  144. [04-04] M. Ishikawa : On the Thurston-Bennequin invariant of graph divide links
  145. [05-04] T. Shoda : Consideration of compact minimal surfaces in 4-dimensional flat tori in terms of degenerate Gauss mapPDF (183KB)
  146. [06-04] Y. Sano : Numerical algorithm for finding balanced metrics


  147. [01-06] N. Kurokawa : Quantum deformations of Catalan's constant, Mahler's measure, and Hölder-Shintani's double sine functionPDF (135KB)
  148. [02-06] M. Murata : Integral representations of nonnegative solutions for parabolic equations and elliptic Martin boundariesPDF (273KB)
  149. [03-06] Y. Inahama and H. Kawabi : Asymptotic expansions for the Laplace approximations for Itô functionals of Brownian rough pathsPDF (347KB)
  150. [04-06] S. Baader and M. Ishikawa : Legendrian graphs and quasipositive diagramsPDF (322KB)


  151. [01-07] M. Somekawa : Higher regulators of Fermat curves and values of L-functionsPDF (165KB)
  152. [02-07] Y. Inahama : A stochastic Taylor-like expansion in the rough path theoryPDF (292KB)
  153. [03-07] K. Uchiyama : The hitting distributions of a line for two dimensional random walksPDF (277KB)
  154. [04-07] M. Ishikawa : On the contact structure of a class of real analytic germs of the form $f\bar{g}$PDF (341KB)


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  156. [02-08] P. J. Mendez-Hernandez and M. murata : Semismall perturbations, semi-intrinsic ultracontractivity, and integral representations of nonnegative solutions for parabolic equationsPDF (239KB)


  157. [01-09] M. Murata : Nonnegative solutions of the heat equation on rotationally symmetric Riemannian manifolds and semismall perturbationsPDF (188KB)


  158. [01-10] A. Honda : Isometric immersions of the hyperbolic plane into the hyperbolic spacePDF (264KB)
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  160. [03-10] K. Kato, C. Nakayama and S. Usui : Classifying spaces of degenerating mixed Hodge structures, III: Spaces of nilpotent orbitsPDF (574KB)


  161. [01-11] K. Uchiyama : A criterion for summability of ladder heights by means of the potential functionPDF (96KB)
  162. [02-11] M. Kobayashi : Two-sided structure of double cosets in Coxeter groupsPDF (195KB)
  163. [03-11] M. Kobayashi : A generalization of Kazhdan-Lusztig -transportPDF (68KB)
  164. [04-11] M. Kobayashi : A recurrence for the complex rook numbers on Ferrers boardsPDF (138KB)
  165. [05-11] M. Kobayashi : Enumeration of edges on Bruhat graphs of the symmetric groupsPDF (94KB)
  166. [06-11] S. Mizumoto : Pullbacks of Klingen-Eisenstein series attached to Jacobi cusp forms
  167. [07-11] M. Kobayashi : Analytic approach for Brenti's conjecture on R-polynomialsPDF (139KB)
  168. [08-11] M. Kobayashi : Enumerative properties of Bruhat intervals of absolute length twoPDF (146KB)


  169. [01-12] S. Koyama and N. Kurokawa: Formal group laws for multiple sine functions and applicationsPDF (81KB)


  170. [01-16] T. Isobe : Morse-Floer theory for superquadratic Dirac equations, I: relative Morse indices and compactnessPDF (297KB)