Soma Purkait

Department of Mathematics
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Ookayama Meguro-ku
Tokyo 152-8550


  Soma Purkait

I am currently a special associate professor at Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Institute of Technology. My research interests broadly lie in number theory and I have been working on modular forms of half-integral weight. Recently I have been trying to give a characterization of the newspace through the local Hecke algebra approach and thereby extending the works of Kohnen and Ueda.
Previously I was a postdoctoral fellow at Tokyo University of Science and a JSPS Postdoctoral fellow at Kyushu University under Prof. Masanobu Kaneko. I completed my PhD at University of Warwick under the supervision of Professor Samir Siksek.  


  1. (Joint with E. M. Baruch) Newforms of half-integral weight: the minus space of S_{k+1/2}(Γ_0(8M)), to appear in Israel Journal of Mathematics.
  2. (Joint with E. M. Baruch) Newforms of half-integral weight: The minus space counterpart, on arXiv.
  3. (Joint with E. M. Baruch) Hecke algebras, new vectors and newforms on Γ_0(m), Mathematische Zeitschrift, Vol. 287 (2017), Issue 1-2, 705-733.
  4. (Joint with N. Kumar) A note on the Fourier coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms, Archiv der Mathematik (Basel) 102 (2014), Vol. 04, 369-378.
  5. Hecke operators in half-integral weight, Journal de Thoérie des Nombres de Bordeaux 26 (2014), no. 01, 233-251.
  6. Explicit application of Waldspurger's theorem, LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics, Vol. 16 (2013), 216-245.
  7. On Shimura's decomposition, International Journal of Number Theory, Vol. 9, no. 06, (2013), 1431-1445.
  8. (Joint with B. Sury) Some vanishing sums involving binomial coeffcients in the denominator, Albanian Journal of Mathematics,Vol. 2 (2008), 27-32.

Some MAGMA Codes

  1. For computing Shimura's decomposition (shimuraspacewtk.m)
  2. For computing the Shimura equivalent space of an elliptic curve that comes from theta series of ternary quadratic forms; it includes implementation of Dickson's algorithm (quadratic.m)


I am currently teaching Linear Algebra II X.
Previously, I was a lecturer for MA3H1 Topics in Number Theory at University of Warwick. Here is my lecture note.  


Curriculum Vitae

Here is my CV.