Education and Students

Supervision of degree theses

► Doctor of Science:


► Master of Science:

  1. Tomoki Takizawa, On relationships between prime producing polynomials and quadratic fields (2018)

  2. Masahiro Mine, On the density function for the value-distribution of Dedekind zeta-functions (2017)
    A related paper is uploaded in arXiv as arXiv:1705.07865 .

  3. Yoshino Kondo, Counting perfect numbers defined on the ring of Eisenstein integers (2017)

  4. Shunsuke Imaoka, Pisot numbers and the fractional parts of powers of real numbers (2016)

  5. Takayuki Neshime, On gaps between products of two distinct primes (2015)

  6. Mitsusada Nakata, On the number of class polynomials of multiple eta-quotients constructed from N-systems (2014)
    This had been published as follows:
    Number of class polynomials of multiple eta-quotients with odd level,
    J. Number Theory 158 (2016), 316-332.

  7. Tatsuro Tobe, On special values of zeta-functions of root systems (2014)

  8. Shogo Tomori, Analytic aspects of the Sato-Tate conjecture (2013)

► Referee committee member of the following doctoral degrees:

  1. Thomas Oliver, Higher Dimensional Adeles, Mean-Periodicity and Zeta Functions of Arithmetic Surfaces (2014, Nottingham, UK)

Other educational activities

► Foreign Student:

  1. Jiong Yang, From Tsinghua University, State Scholarship Fund (China Scholarship Council) (Oct., 2013 - Sept., 2014)

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