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Java Applets Instructions

What is 'Java applet' ?
It is a kind of program (application) that behaves like being executed on the browser. Applets are downloaded from the Web, but not installed on the client machine. Before getting started, make sure that Java is enabled in your browser.
Hardware/Software requirements
Basically it works on any environment, including Windows, Mac, and Unix (Linux). These applets are built with JDK1.1.8 and best viewed by Internet Explorer or FireFox in Windows. On Mac and Unix (Linux) environments, they tend to work improperly: Too much time for drawing, puzzling reactions to mouse actions, etc. (The situation is a bit improved on Intel Macs.)
To quit calculation/drawing...
The best way so far is just to close the browser, or use 'Back' button of the browser.
To use them off-line...
To use an applet without internet connection, first download the HTML and CLASS files, and put them in the same folder. Then view the HTML file by your browser. For example, to use OTIS off-line, you can download 'otis.html' and 'Otis.class' from the links below. (I got a report that OTIS does not work off-line on certain environments. At least, you need to change some settings so that the Java works off-line. If you use Windows, see 'Internet Options'.)
To change the image size...
You need to execute the applets off-line. They use some parameters written in their HTML files for initialization. For example, to change the image size of the Julia Window in OTIS, open 'otis.html' by a text editor and change the 'value="400"' of the parameter 'param = "juliaWindowSize"'. You can also change the positions of the images in a similar way.
-- Precision of the calculation is not guaranteed!
-- The author is not liable for any troubles caused by using these applets.
-- Comments and suggestions are welcome!


draws Julia sets of zz+C in detail, and shows backward dynamics nicely.
External rays available. (Tutorial and Class file)
Variants: OTIST, Otis: Logistic, OTIS in the Sea

draws the Mandelbrot set in detail, plus real-time Julia tour along any path.
Riemann sphere mode available. (Tutorial and Class file)
Variant: Les Petits Julias

generates pseudo-3D tube-like objects based on the dynamics of zz+C.
Tutorial and Class file)
Variants: MacTubes, Rainbows

simply shows actions of real Moebius or complex affine transformations
on the Riemann sphere. Educative. (Tutorial and Class file)

shows the dynamical and parameter planes of the Newton's map for F(z)=(z-2)(z+1+C)(z+1-C).
Tubism mode available. (Class file)
Variant: Otism

shows the holonomy actions on the Lyubich-Minsky lamination of zz-1.
Represented in the dyadic digit space. (Class file)

How many days have you lived?? (Class file)

HSB Color to RGB Color + 16-adic representation (Class file)

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