International Workshop for Young Scientists 2017

--- Analysis and Its Applications to Geometry ---

June 5-9, 2017, Tokyo Institute of Technology


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The School of Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) organizes a workshop every summer on topics at the cutting edge of science. The second workshop in this series will be held from June 5 to June 9 2017 and its focus will be on a few areas at the forefront of contemporary Mathematics. ( >> Pictures of the Workshop last year )

It is intended for first and second year graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. A total of 20 students; 10 each from Japan and abroad will be selected to participate in the workshop on the basis of their academic achievements and letters of recommendation. Students are encouraged to find their own travel support, as it might be possible to provide full or partial travel support to the students from abroad. Accommodation will be provided to all the participants of the workshop.


The workshop will consist of pedagogical lectures on

-- partial differential equations and dynamical systems
-- differential geometry
-- curvature flow and geometric measure theory
-- complex analysis and potential theory

by faculty members from Tokyo Tech, whose research in these areas has been internationally acclaimed. The lecturers will then present several research projects on these topics. Students will work on their assigned projects in groups of four or five, supervised by faculty advisors and aided by teaching assistants. This is aimed at deepening the understanding of the students of the subject matter presented in the lectures and fostering a spirit of cooperation in them.

Organizing Committee

Toru Hirahara , Tomoki Kawahira, Masaki Kawano, Yasuhiro Ohshima, Eiji Yanagida


For further information, please contact Tomoki Kawahira (, X =@ ).


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