Nobuhiro Honda

Nobuhiro Honda

Department of Mathematics
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Office: Ookayama Main Building H215


Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Main Building 215)


Research interest

Complex geometry of twistor spaces, Differential geometry of 4-manifolds, HyperKahler manifolds, Quaternionic Kahler manifolds

Some presentation on twistor spaces

"Algebraic Geometry of Twistor Spaces" a presentation at Conference on Differential Geometry (Montreal, July 2016)

Summary of recent development in research on algebraic twistor spaces associated to anti-self-dual metrics on 4-manifolds

"Twistors, quartics, and del Pezzo fibrations"= research paper [34]

The introduction includes a description of history of research on algebraic structure of twistor spaces.

Research papers

Research Papers